All (men) hail Maria!

6201997511If you are one of those girlfriends who like to borrow liberally from your boyfriend’s wardrobe to add an amorous, masculine kick to your own, you might want to consider turning the table (and doing your boyfriend a sweet favor) by investing in Maria Cornejo’s new menswear collection. Debuted during her Spring/Summer 2010 runway and conceived as unisex pieces, they are utilitarian, comfortable and slouchy, downtown chic packed into four democratically flattering looks: a minimalist zip navy rain coat; washed tailored black trousers (we love the cropped, gentle flare leg) and shorts; scoop neck, tunic-length printed T-shirt. Our recommendation would be the coffee colored, slouchy, peek-a-boo knit sweater for mutual benefit. Slip it on, with or sans belt, for a leisure Sunday romp around town. For him, work a neo-dapper look with a white button down, black tie and skinny slacks and see your girlfriends and their boyfriends go green with envy.

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