Another Jersey Shore Clothing Line Is In A Troubling Situation

In spite of companies who keep trying to make it happen, it looks like fashion just isn’t the industry for the Jersey Shore cast. First, JWoww’s Filthy Couture line was shuttered, now Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is being sued by Dilligaf (an abbreviation for “Do I Look Like I Give a”… you can figure out the last letter), a t-shirt maker that produced Ed Hardy-esque apparel for a “Situation” branded clothing line.

Dilligaf is suing because they claim that Sorrentino failed to show up for photo shoots, didn’t wear the brand in public, and signed deals with similar clothing labels, violating his contract with them. {Gawker} Apparently he really didn’t give a… and no one at Dilligaf noticed that the Situation is probably the Jersey Shore member who actually spends the least amount of time wearing a shirt to begin with. While we don’t often find ourselves on the same sartorial page as the Jersey Shore crew, is it possible that the Situation actually encountered a clothing line that was too tacky for even his tastes?

It does seem Sorrentino is attempting to go in a more stylish direction, even if it gives weight to Dilligaf’s claims that Sorrentino was working with other clothing companies.

Gawker is reporting that a formal wear company called FLOW Formal has signed Sorrentino to a six-figure deal that will see Situation branded tuxedos, dress shirts and men’s formal accessories hitting stores in February of 2012. Perhaps we can expect blinged out cumberbands and bow-ties, or shirts designed to perfectly compliment an orange skin tone.

Or, with any luck, maybe around May 2012 we’ll once again be writing about how none of these things actually made it onto store shelves.

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