Lyndon Johnson Would Have Loved Vivienne Westwood’s Latest Looks, Prince William? Not So Much

By now, you may have seen this video of animations set to audio of President Lyndon B. Johnson describing to clothing maker Joe Hager his need for pants with room “where the nuts hang… back to the bunghole,” and an additional 2 inches or so of fabric to let in or out depending on his weight fluctuations. That’s a direct quote.

This has LBJ written all over it

Well, if nothing else you can’t accuse Johnson of not knowing what he wants, and though the language is brash being able to let clothing in or out depending on weight fluctuations doesn’t sound like an unreasonable request or a bad idea.

In addition to the video being amusing, we bring up Johnson’s preferences because as we were looking through Vivienne Westwood’s collection of drop crotch pants for Fall 2011 we couldn’t help but think that if Johnson were still around these are exactly the type of trouser he’d go for.

In her show notes, Westwood envisions the designs as part of a royal wedding ensemble. How to put this delicately: we think Prince William might have a slightly different preference, but somewhere at the heights of power some man is looking at those outfits and thinking “yes!”

Unfortunately the one that first comes to mind is deceased, but there have to be at least a few more out there who look for the same qualities in a pair of trousers.

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