Say Goodbye to Sean John’s New York Flagship… For Now

After calling 475 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan home for the last six years, reps for P.Diddy’s clothing line Sean John announced this week that their flagship store will be closing due to what they feel is business disruption due to scaffolding.

Only about a year ago Diddy’s representatives filed a lawsuit over scaffolding around the building that was erected in 2006. Sign blockage and customer disruption because of said scaffolding were the reasons given for a drop in revenue the company had been experiencing over the last few years. In spite of a well publicized recession that caused almost every retailer to experience some kind of decline over the past few years, Sean John reps are insisting that construction is to blame. A Sean John spokesperson says, because of “inadequate selling space.” the only retail store they have would in fact shut down. The rep assured WWD that the label is looking for spaces in New York and L.A. to open new stores. {NY Mag}

As shopaholics we can’t help but thing brand loyalists would still shop with or without scaffolding. On one hand, 3 to 4 years of  scaffolding does seem excessive. On the other, it’s a bit of a stretch to think that Sean John was one of the only clothing retailers who wasn’t affected in any way by economic conditions.

Come December 30th, the store will close permanently as the company decides where to relocate. We wish them luck!

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