Can We Get Facebook To Do Something About T-Pain’s Tattoo?

Sigh. Another day, another tattoo that should never have gone beyond the temporary variety.

The latest in our ongoing series of Tattoos You Will Regret comes courtesy of singer/rapper T-Pain, who took Facebook’s like button beyond the web and onto his arm.

It's not you we don't like...

For one thing, where’s the apostrophe in “don’t”? Guess T-pain’s tattoo artist doesn’t have to like punctuation. Back to the larger point: in an age where technology changes constantly, do you really want a lifelong tattoo based on something that may not be recognizable 10 years from now? Honestly, we never though we’d see anything that would make a brand tattoo look smart, but in this case it may be the lesser of two meaningless tattoo evils.

Just think, what if you’d gotten a Geocities tattoo? Or one for Friendster? Or a MySpace tattoo? Hah, no one would… oh, wait.

A mere few years later, and this guy’s stomach is obsolete. We know Facebook is aggressive in defending its brand, and while we don’t think it’s fair in every case, we wouldn’t mind seeing them send a do not tattoo notice around for cases like these.


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