Justin Bieber Gets a Haircut, John Travolta Goes Bald at the Beach

In today’s breaking men’s hair news, taking a few inches off seems to be the new trend.

Skincare spokesperson, nail polish mogul and Superbowl commercial thespian Justin Bieber has traded his signature bowl cut in for a closer cropped ‘do. {Popdust via Gawker}

We’re not sure if he was inspired by Bieber Fever, but John Travolta, who normally adds a rug for the red carpet, was snapped on a beach in Hawaii sans headpiece. {The Superficial}

If we’re being honest, it’s actually a much more flattering look than the wigs. Hopefully he’ll consider keeping it around.

We don’t know what this signals for the future of the famous ?(and multi-talented) follicles sitting on top of the heads of Troy Polamalu or Donald Trump, but as talented as those guys’ tresses are, it seems like less is more is the new mantra.

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