Tattooed Brand Love: If Everyone Jumped…

We know that temporary tattoos had a bit of a moment last fall, and we liked seeing Adam Levine’s real ones as much as anyone, but can we officially declare brand tattoos one step too far?

To be fair, this isn’t totally new. Jason Preston, the one time boyfriend of designer Marc Jacobs has his paramour’s brand name tattooed on his forearm. While the ink lasted longer than the relationship, at the very least it’s an inking decision lots of other people have made and come to regret.

Unfortunately, it seems a different kind of brand tattoo (that has nothing to do with love – not the normal kind, anyway) is taking off, for people who’ve decided that temporary brand tattoos aren’t cool… REAL brand tattoos are cool. Racked introduces us to the Louis Vuitton tattoo, and the Gucci face tattoo.

Call us old fashioned, but what happened to tattoos with names of family members or loved ones? While there may be something to be said for brands creating the kind of loyalty that would make someone want to permanently associate themselves, we can’t help but hope this falls under trademark infringement since it definitely doesn’t fall under good taste.

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