Troy Polamalu and Donald Trump’s Hair Takes to Twitter With Brett Keisel’s Beard

Forget New York or Milan, if you’re looking for truly special grooming inspiration start with the multi-talented follicles of the Pittsburgh Steelers. You may remember Troy Polamalu for the $1 million insurance policy Head and Shoulders took out on his locks, but you may not be aware that Polamalu’s hair is so multi-talented that it maintains a Twitter account (@TroysHair) with more than 1900 followers and a Facebook page with more than 1500 fans.

Troy’s hair isn’t the only Steeler with tech savvy tresses. Brett Keisel’s beard (@keiselsbeard) is a little less popular, but also maintains a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

If they can get Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester), Don King and Robert Pattinson’s hair on board, they’ll officially have the hair-brained social media thing locked down. Probably with  more insight than most celebrity tweeters too.

The hair (get it? heir/hair? okay, we’ll stop) to the uniquely coiffed throne beats them all on Twitter though. @Trumps Hair has more than 2600 followers who want to keep up with what’s on top of the Donald’s head.

We always suspected it had a life of its own.

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