Troy Polamalu Gets a Hair Raising $1 Million to Protect His Locks

First Gerard Butler is picked up by L’Oreal to convince men that they’re worth it, now comes news that football player Troy Polamalu has had his 35″ long hair insured for $1 million by Head and Shoulders (Polamalu is a spokesperson for the brand). {People via Dlisted} To give you a little perspective on how much more valuable Polamalu is on a follicle to follicle comparison, a pack of 16″ long human hair sells for $70 on Amazon. If you went hair crazy and covered your hair with 20 of those, it would add up to $2800 – or about 3% of what Troy Polamalu’s hair is worth.

We’re as open minded as anyone, but we have to admit that it’s more surprising to hear that the first million dollar head of hair actually belongs to a guy. Sure, Samson had hair of biblical proportions (literally), and there’s no doubting that Polamalu’s hair would even put big hair divas like Diana Ross and Chaka Khan to shame. But how many guys can relate?

While he’d be one helluva after for any company pitching hair growth products, men or women would have to be genetically blessed to replicate Polamalu’s ringlets regardless of what product they use. Plus, it’s been eight years since his last haircut, and we’re guessing there are plenty of moms, sisters and girlfriends who wouldn’t sign off on the guys in their lives taking an eight year sabbatical from the barber shop.

When asked if he’d cut his hair, Polamalu replied”With this big hair insurance–I don’t think so!”

While there are 1 million reasons for him not to, whenever the time comes for him to part with any of his hair, we’d love to see a wig or two (or three, or four) made from his million dollar mane for Locks of Love.

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