Suspenders to Keep Your Pants Up? Try Ones That Keep Your Shirttails In: If Everyone Jumped

If you or your guy has been wondering how to keep shirttails perfectly tucked into pants lately, you can take this tip from lifelong bartender Toby Maloney and military personnel everywhere.

Not your average suspenders

Apparently there exists – and has for quite some time now – a contraption that clips your shirt to your socks and is worn underneath pants to keep those pesky shirttails from popping out when you bend over or stand up after sitting. {The Cut} Armynavyshop sells these special suspenders, calling them Military Uniform Shirt Stays, in both clip-on and stirrup form. And they’re cheap! The clip-on style runs for $5.31, whereas the stirrup version is $8.10.

T Magazine published news of these shirt garters after catching up with Maloney, who said he recommends them to other bartenders all the time.

“To explain how necessary I think they are, I will laugh and point at the shirt pooch that forms between the waist of the pants and the bottom of the vest of the guys who don’t wear them,” he said.

He did, however, also admit to several downsides to these internal suspenders, saying, “They are fussy and annoying. They detach and leak out your pant leg at the most inopportune time. If ratcheted too tight, you feel like a dandy Pinocchio, slightly drunk and walking on the moon. Worst of all, they get you singled out in security lines at the airport. To this day there hasn’t been a T.S.A. employee who hasn’t raised an eyebrow when I explain about the shirt garters.”

Well, Toby, you could always just secure an airport pasty to your private parts and head to one of the full-body scanners to avoid that last little problem.

We have to admit shirttail suspenders is a pretty practical – if obvious and silly – idea. We just wonder if it might get awkward in an intimate situation – like if, say, a woman were to wear Spanx or a chicken cutlet bra on a hot date. In any case, we’re interested to see if these man-garters turn out to be a full-blown trend.

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