15-5519 (the Color Formerly Known as Turquoise)

turquoiseBehold, you are now staring at the future! Pantone Color, long the official color authority for design professionals, has declared turquoise, no. 15-5519, the color of 2010. The choice, in reality, seems fitting and telling of the current signs of time: it is at once soothing and invigorating, evoking water and sky, or your next getaways to some far-off, tropical paradise. In more global terms, turquoise has long occupied a special place in many cultures as a protective talisman, signifying compassion and healing, inspired by nature. For more proletariat concerns, it will make for an amazing accent to wardrobes, apartments or perhaps a bit of inspiration for informed holiday purchases sure to look current in the new year. And who can’t use a little peace of mind and protection these days? Now here’s to hoping for a better, more invigorating year ahead indeed.

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