If Everyone Jumped: The Return of the Fanny Pack?

A fanny pack by any other name is still a bit cheesy, but at least Tory Burch's take doubles as a clutch.

One of the things we love most about fashion is its cyclical nature – the way trends come and go and are reinvented again and again, but it is always surprising when fads that seem like they are destined to be one hit wonders come creeping back into the fashion conversation.

After the fanny pack craze died with the ‘80s, there seemed to be no chance of its return, as it became the brunt of countless jokes, but low and behold, we now present to you the potential resurgence of the hands-free purse.

Pop star Rihanna was recently spotted wearing one, and so many designers have been coming out with “waist bags” or “hip bags” (read: fanny packs) lately that the consensus seems to be that fanny packs are officially back. All of the ones we’ve found look like the creator was attempting to make the look high fashion with extras like flower prints, metal studs and animal fabrics that are very in right now.

Rebecca Minkoff now has a $240 studded version, Tory Burch offers a $195 “hip bag” with a removable strap to double as a clutch, Zambos & Siega are showing a python print number and French Connection has a $58 retro flower print pack that is more casual. And it does not stop there: Gwen Stefani has also come up with a fanny pack design – this one with a silver zipper print. {SheFinds, The Frisky}

We never thought we’d live to see the day when Tory Burch made a fanny pack, and we aren’t sure what to make of it. Will you be wearing a fanny pack any time soon? All we know is if you are, it might be best not to invest in one that’s over $100. Save your splurges for true classic pieces.

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