Lanvin for H&M Photos: Part 4- the Jewelry, Bags and Accessories

If the dresses, shoes and menswear of the Lanvin for H&M collection don’t do anything for you – well, you probably stopped reading any blogs covering fashion a few hours ago. If you’re still tuned in though, for our final gallery we’re spotlighting the jewelry, bags and accessories that round out the collection.

While this is really a collaboration that’s all about the clothes, the shoes are nothing short of perfect and the trinkets are still in line with the quirky glamor of the brand. Nothing feels out of place, but unlike the shoes, the leather gloves are probably the only “I’d fight for this” accessory out of the bunch. Photos don’t ever tell 100% of the story as far as materials and clothing go. While the ruffles and bows seem to have translated amazingly for the mass market collaboration, and the shoes could blend in with their high end counterparts, the one weak area seems to be the jewelry. The vast majority of Lanvin’s jewelry is costume, so it’s a little disappointing to see things that could easily be part of the normal lineup at Claire’s.

Considering the strength of the dresses though, that definitely wouldn’t convince anyone to sit this collaboration out though.

Update: Necklaces range from $29.95 (the chain and rhinestone necklace) to $49.95 (the pearl and sequin flower necklace), sunglasses will be $19.95  and the gloves will be $49.95

Lanvin for H&M Jewelry, Bags & Accessories

Photos via Vogue UK

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