Brazilian Blowout Update: Formaldehyde-Free? Test Results Prove Otherwise

One of the hottest trends in haircare as of late has been the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment popping up at exclusive salons across the nation. The process promises a 100% formaldehyde-free formula that will de-frizz your lackluster locks and promise a sleek, shiny and manageable result for at least three to five months. At a range of $300 to $500 respectively depending on your hair, it was touted as the solution to the frizzy-hair dilemma that many woman face. Sounds great right? Except it may not be everything it’s claimed.

Recent test results have found formaldehyde in the entire lineup of the Brazilian Blowout brand. And not just a trivial amount either. Although the percentage of the potentially dangerous chemical is still considered to be in the “safe” range, for a product claiming to be have none-it’s extremely problematic.

State-of-the-art technology was used to examine the components of the formula in a simulated salon setting. All the tests determined traces of formaldehyde, but as a naturally occurring element that exists all around us, there is no escaping various forms that exist in nature.

The Internet is a buzz with the news, and salons as well as clients are wondering just how safe the products really are.

After theses allegations surfaced, the brand sent this statement to Good Morning America to defend the Brazilian Blowout solution.

“At Brazilian Blowout, the safety of our products, stylists and consumers is our number one priority. We stand behind the integrity of our product, and affirm that our professional solution is indeed formaldehyde-free.

As a result of the Oregon division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) recent claim, Brazilian Blowout is conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations to ensure that accurate data is released to the public.With regards to OSHA’s claim, the actual source of the formulation tested has not been identified, and was not submitted by the Brazilian Blowout company itself. Because OSHA did not request a sample from the company directly, there is no reason to believe that the formulation tested and found positive for traces of formaldehyde was indeed Brazilian Blowout product. This represents a clear violation of proper testing protocol, and this gross negligence on the part of OSHA invalidates all findings that have been released as a result of OSHA’s testing.” {ABC News}

Further testing will be conducted as the investigation is now in the control of the Oregon Division of OSHA, however the brand maintains the confidence that “all misinformation and inaccurate data will soon be dispelled”.

The final results are still unknown and as new information is released we will keep you updated.

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