Daphne Guinness Bats Her Purple Lidded Lashes for the NARS Fall Campaign

Francois Nars did not just hire Daphne Guinness to be the face of his Nars Cosmetics fall campaign. He named a $23 purple eye shadow after her as well, saying purple feels right as the meaning of Daphne to him. The two recently collaborated on his 15×15 project in celebration of Nars Cosmetics’ 15th anniversary.

“I love Daphne – she has incredible style,” Nars told WWD. “She fits the image of the brand so well. She’s very creative and elegant and is a chameleon. And she really loves makeup – the whole process of it. Any makeup artist dreams of having someone like that as a muse.” {Stylelist}

Nars is slated to open his first store in November on Bleecker Street in New York City. Projected worldwide sales for the fall collection are up to $8 million, a surprisingly positive financial outlook and business position in the sour economy. {The Cut}

“I will do special items which will only be available in the store — palettes, maybe a nail polish called Bleecker Street — and I want to sell DVDs of my favorite movies. Marc may do accessories. It’s going to be great,” he said.

Nars also owns an island in Tahiti, which he may write a book about in the future. He is also working on a book about makeovers for 64 different women.

Guinness’ porcelain skin and pulled back hair gorgeously showcase the purple shadow in the photographs for the fall ad. Our only minor gripe is that her eyes and neck are not visible.

“Daphne’s like a painting in this image,” Nars said. “Since Daphne was the inspiration for the campaign, I thought, ‘Why not have more of her?'”

A preview of the collection will be available on July 15 at NarsCosmetics.com.

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