Diamond Razor Blades: If Everyone Jumped

Ever heard of mass market razor blades for leg and face shaving that feature diamond-encrusted edges?

We haven’t either, but a German company called GFD, founded by a man named Andre Flöter, has been selling synthetic diamond-coated razor blades for the last seven years. Up until now, GFD only sold the blades for industrial uses such as in medical scalpels and tools that cut plastic sheeting. That’s about to change, as Flöter plans to mine his way onto drugstore shelves. {Technology Review}

Apparently, using a diamond razor blade results in an incredibly close shave that lasts 1,000 times longer than a shave with a traditional steel razor. GFD plans to have the product out before the end of this year, so it’s worth considering whether or not to try it out now. {Elle}

So far, no estimates for how much a diamond razor blade will cost have surfaced, but it’s sure to be expensive. It’s diamonds – diamonds! – for goodness’ sake. However, if one of these blades lasts way longer than a traditional razor, it may end up costing less in the long run, and will likely still be less expensive than laser hair removal treatments. {Elle}

According to Technology Review, at some point Schick offered a razor called the FX Diamond that retailed for around the same price as a traditional blade, which Flöter says is because Schick didn’t produce a substantially harder or longer-lasting blade by using a pure diamond coating, like GFD does. He also said Schick’s blades were not expertly sharpened as his company’s blades are.

We’re inclined to think a diamond razor blade is a bit odd, since the rare, precious stones are normally reserved for special gifts. Plus, if for some reason the blades don’t offer the long-lasting shave Flöter promises, the customer will feel cheated out of a whole bunch of money. We’re open to try the product when it hits shelves, but a money back guarantee for unsatisfied users may make it more popular by reducing the cost risk.

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