Fall Into It: Gap Teeth Are Becoming Fashion’s Favorite Flaw

Ever heard of gap teeth? You know; that small but certainly noticeable bit in your smile where a beaming grin should be? When many people look at those with gapped teeth the image of inbred hillbillies who spend their day in a barn wearing worn-out dungarees, downing moonshine and talking about how many of their cousins they want to copulate with next Tuesday comes to mind. Thankfully not all think like this.

Courtesy of a change in international opinion, the gap tooth smile is becoming something of a positive attribute. While not the norm, it’s as natural as rarities like freckles or red hair that have come to be admired. Still, many choose to have gaps corrected, often spending hundreds – if not thousands of dollars, to do so. It may be too late for some to get a refund, but for those who’ve wanted to leave their space as is for whatever reason, plenty of celebrities show that gap teeth are in style and here to stay!

Gap girls: the new million dollar smile

Particularly in fashion, the stereotype mentioned earlier is now being replaced by top models (not just America’s, at that) and A-List celebrities, who can now relax and be reassured that those who are smiling all the way to the bank.

Never has this message been made so clear but by Conan O’Brien. Before NBC erased all traces of their disastrous relationship, the lovable comedian had a poll on his website asking for everyone’s favorite gap-toothed celebrity. The list of choices included former football player Michael Strahan and tough guy Mike Tyson. But, hey, what about those who haven’t been in the sporting arena and had their brains bashed about for a long, long time? That’s no problem. The list also included Seal, Hollywood starlet Anna Paquin, Lauren Hutton and the marvelous Madonna. But the return of the gapped smile isn’t just for late night fun: fashion’s most in demand faces now belong to models with a little something extra in their smile. While Cindy Crawford had girls drawing moles on in the 90s, models like Lara Stone and Georgia May Jagger will surely encourage a generation of gap-toothed girls to celebrate their space. Even Tyra Banks, who heavily pressured past America’s Next Top Model winner Danielle to close her gap, has reversed course by widening the gap of Chelsey, a hopeful on the current season. And if you needed any more confirmation, Vanessa Paradis is now repping lipstick as the face (and mouth) of Chanel beauty.

With more and more celebrities showing what they have rather than covering up or getting it fixed, if you’ve considered closing a gap, or know someone who is – reconsider! There has never been a better time to celebrate what nature gave you.

This guest post is contributed by Russell Hill of the cosmetic dentistry guide website.

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