Greasy Hair: If Everyone Jumped…

We know times are tough, but greasy hair as a new fashion statement? The newest trend taking over the runways is one most consider a sign of poor hygiene.

At shows by Alexander Wang, Jonathan Saunders and Acne models with severely slicked, messy locks were the trend. {Refinery 29} You know who we blame? Vampires. Well, actually one in particular. Seems like Pringle of Scotland (who also sent dirty haired models down the runway) and Chloe Sevigny (who rocked the greaser look out and about) have drawn a little too much inspiration from Robert Pattinson’s magical mop.

If you have a problem with people running their fingers through your hair, we guess this could be a fix. But tell us, will you be going with the dirty ‘do trend?

Dirty hair as a trend? We blame this guy.

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