Making “Scents” of Celebrity Fragrances

Celebrities have been staking their claim in the fragrance community for years. Some of the most popular scents to date are those of some of the most popular and influential stars.

Jennifer Aniston is the newest starlet to jump on the perfume bandwagon, as it is rumored she is collaborating with the Falic Group to create her new scent. {WWD}

Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and Eva Longoria Parker have all worked with the same company in their perfume production.

Forbes Magazine estimated net sales totaled a whopping $353.6 million in revenue for top celebrity fragrances just two years ago. Due to the crashing economy, things aren’t looking so bright this year-with sales dropping 10% {Technorati}.

We can’t help but wonder if this is the right time to make a move into fragrances, but one thing we are sure of is Aniston’s squeaky-clean image. The downside of being a celebrity is that your career’s success is largely based on your personal life. One slip up can lead to a downward spiral in sales although we don’t think Jen has anything to worry about!

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