No Fragrance Deal for Lady Gaga (Yet)

A rumor that Lady Gaga signed on with Coty Inc. to create a perfume began in the U.K. and spread through fashion media outlets this week, but now the fragrance company’s marketing department has said it is not true. {The Cut}

As long as any prospective fragrances smell better than those glasses, we're sure it will do fine

“I know nothing of this project,” Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for the firm’s Coty Beauty division Steve Mormoris told WWD. “It is a totally false rumor.”

It is easy to see how the rumor spread so easily since Coty leads the celebrity fragrance trend with past and present scents from Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé Knowles, Sarah Jessica Parker, David and Victoria Beckham and Halle Berry in addition to some 10 others. It seems, however, the extent of Gaga’s involvement in the beauty biz remains with MAC Cosmetics. She is the spokeswoman for the brand’s AIDS Fund and collaborated with MAC to create a signature Viva Glam lipstick. {WWD}

Even though Gaga is not working on a scent yet, we’re betting she will be at some point. The Cut’s bloggers have been speculating what it will smell like, but we think the more interesting aspect will be the bottle design, which is more likely to be the focus of Gaga’s creative weirdness. Maybe the cap will resemble a hair bow, or perhaps the entire thing will look like a hand reaching up in the spirit of the design of the double grand piano she shared with Elton John at this year’s Grammy Awards. Leave a comment and tell us what you think it will look like!

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