Rihanna and Katy’s Primary Colored Hair: If Everyone Jumped…

First it was pastel streaks that brought back memories of My Little Pony. Now, pop stars seem to be going full circle to bright, vibrant Manic Panic hues. Rihanna debuted a bright red bowl cut at a concert in Brazil, while buddy Katy Perry walked the MTV Movie Awards carpet with a royal blue Betty Page style.

At top, Lil' Kim's multi-colored hair from the Crush On You video (1997) and Nicki Minaj from a recent television appearance

And in a less friendly take on the style, Lil’ Kim, who made technicolor wigs popular with videos like Crush OnYou, has taken issue with rapper Nicki Minaj reviving the style without paying homage. {MTV}

So with technicolor hair making appearances at the top of the pop stars, and a possible war of the wigs brewing, would you give brighter hues a try this summer?

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