Spotted: Justin Bieber for Proactiv

It’s been a big week for Justin Bieber. The teen pop star raked in top honors in four categories Monday night at the Teen Choice Awards, followed Tuesday by an announcement that he will be the newest spokesperson for Proactiv. {New York Daily News}

Would you buy acne treatments from this face? Proactiv is betting you will.

Bieber joins Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Rolling Stone’s September cover girl Katy Perry among other Hollywood types that have served as celebrity faces for the brand’s acne-fighting products.

Greg Renker, who founded the company that markets Proactiv, told People magazine he is confident in Bieber’s potential to bring more attention to the brand.

“Justin has millions of fans of all ages and followers online where our consumers spend a lot of their time,” he said.

Indeed Bieber may be the perfect spokesperson for Proactive since he has a primarily teenaged audience and is a teenager himself. Perhaps young guys and girls at a tough age skin-wise will relate more to a 16-year-old star who not only appeals to them but can be seen as going through similar skin problems. The only thing we wonder about is if the smooth, baby-faced singing phenomenon has ever even had a pimple that required Proactiv’s products. Let’s be honest, most of the celebrity “before” shots are of  a single bump that has to be magnified 10 times to be seen in the first place. Not exactly raging, out of control acne, but we won’t underestimate the power of Bieber when it comes to swaying teenagers. Undoubtedly, even similarly smooth skinned fans will be hoping  for their first spot to feel connected to the pop star, but we’re sure that’s exactly what Proactiv is banking on.

You can check out images from the ad campaign as well as a video featuring Bieber here.

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