Yet Another Negative Smoking Side Effect: Adult Acne

We don’t need one more reason to encourage smokers to lay off the puffing, but FYI the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology recently published a report claiming smoking is “significantly correlated” with developing adult acne. An overwhelming 72.9 percent of the women studied who had acne were also smokers. What’s more, the higher the number of cigarettes a woman smoked, the more severe her adult acne was. {BellaSugar}

Perhaps ProActiv should look into shelf space near the cigarette aisle

The study also found that blackheads and non-inflamed bumps are more common than inflamed cystic acne in adult females. Previously, it was widely believed that papulopustular post-adolescent acne (PPAA) was the most prevalent form of adult acne in women as opposed to comedonal post-adolescent acne (CPAA). {Textile Global}
“The findings will affect our treatments, and we will need more products with Vitamin A and alpha and beta hydroxyl-acids to clear the skin along with exfoliating products, as well as more education for the public at large about the damaging effects smoking can have on the body’s largest organ, the skin,” Dr. Marcy Street, a dermatologist in East Lansing, Mich, said. {Textile Global}

So next time you are about to light up, think about if those embarrassingly clogged pores are worth it. If you need help quitting, asking your doctor for advice and googling “quit smoking” are good ways to start. The simple Internet search will yield tons of helpful Web sites. We like’s step-by-step guide.


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