Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss: A Look at This Year’s September Cover Girls

September magazine covers were revealed this week. Three noteworthy ones: Rolling Stone, British Vogue and Glamour.

Katy Perry graces the cover of Rolling Stone for September, and to be honest the photo almost doesn’t even look like her. Not to mention she’s making a slightly snobby face. We don’t really like it, and The Cut pointed out that she looks uncharacteristically low-key. The Katy Perry we know and love floats around stages on giant banana props, sports light-up dresses down the red carpet and wears dresses with carousel skirts or watermelon rompers. The one on the cover is basically just boring in pink lingerie.

British Vogue chose Kate Moss as their September cover girl, marking her 30th cover for that magazine. It’s also her sixth time in the past 10 years appearing on British Vogue’s cover. {The Cut} They sure love her in the UK. She was photographed on a stool by Patrick Demarchelier wearing an army-style blazer, and she’s never looked better!

Finally, we come to Glamour, which chose Jennifer Lopez for their September cover. She looks fierce, and no where near her 41 years. {JustJared}

These three covers, however, are most noteworthy taken together. We have a singer, a model and an actress/entertainer. For all the buzz about celebrities vs. models, it would seem the balance between who gets the most covers is somewhat even, except that Kate Moss is very well-known outside of fashion. She may actually qualify as a celebrity, in which case it looks like stars reign supreme as cover ladies. What do you think of these three women for September?

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