Alice in Wonderland’s Got Style

New York City is a fashion mecca and window shopping is practically unavoidable. One of the most enjoyable pleasures of elaborate window displays are the ones inspired by our culture.

Alice in Wonderland Store Windows

Store window photos by Hollywood Crush

This week Tim Burton’s new rendition of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, starring Johnny Depp, was released in theaters and this gave big name retailers a fun muse for this season’s windows.

The much-anticipated film is one that generations of people can relate to from childhood, appealing to a large demographic. The scenery from the movie (mostly taking place in foliage as Alice is shrunken by magical mushrooms in the forest) is the perfect backdrop to display all that spring has to offer. The scenes are whimsical and magical, truly capturing the fairy-tale essence of the out-of-this-world story.

Store windows aren’t the only translation into fashion the film has inspired. New ‘Alice’ inspired  jewelry, footwear and apparel are surfacing all over the globe, as well as fashion events from Paris to New York. Numerous couture designers have admitted to using the film for inspiration in designing this season’s collections and you can catch Wonderland influenced offerings in everything from shoes to nail polish. {Real Style Network}

Alice in Wonderland Looks

What would Alice wear on a modern trip to Wonderland? These are our picks.

If you need just a tad more reality during your daily excursions down the rabbit hole of ordinary life, Signature9 UK rounds up a selection of dresses and accessories that capture a sense of wonder.

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