Armani talks health, business and design


After a bout with Hepatitis, Giorgio Armani has been talking changes, promotions and moves in his billion dollar empire. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, the designer attributes the small health concern to increased awareness of his need to relax.  Work hours have been reduced, and time at one of his many homes has increased. Armani himself is very clear in his staying power stating “I continue to love my work and, for the time being, I want to continue to enjoy myself and follow my creative impulse.” Investors may question his future role in the company, but are surely somewhat reassured to hear he has no intention of leaving. As for the recession, Armani’s staying power is in the classic designs with which he’s become synonymous. He muses “as always happens in fashion, the pendulum will probably swing in the other direction so that when the economy starts to pick up, we will see a return to glamour.”

Read the full story {WWD}

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