Brand Kardashian Tops the Magazine Best Seller List

Remember when a naked Kim Kardashian covered W? Of course, how can you forget.

Though it’s not unusual to see a Kardashian of supermarket weeklies like InTouch, US Weekly or Life & Style, we wondered if high brow fashion readers would respond favorably to recently installed editor Stefano Tonchi’s choice of cover models outside the usual cover girl choices.

Yes Kim, magazine editors agree, it is about you

Readers responded, and how! The issue which featured a silver sprayed Kardashian, with stars of the art world as a supporting cast was the second best selling issue of the year, tied with March cover girl Megan Fox. The magazine moving doesn’t stop there: Kim Kardashian covered issues of Allure and Shape were best sellers for the respective publications. In fact, the June issue of Shape that Kardashian appeared on was the magazine’s best selling issue of the year. {WWD via Jezebel} Granted Shape isn’t exactly a fashion magazine, but June has never been a particularly explosive month for magazine sales so perhaps it’s an even stronger indicator of the most infamous Kardashian’s selling power.

Just a guess, but there were probably a number of Kardashian fans who purchased W for the first and last time when the reality TV star appeared. We won’t be holding our collective breath for a turn on the front of Vogue (unless Blake Lively drops the ball somehow), but the lure of stronger newsstand sales will probably mean more Kardashian covers in 2011. While the spotlight is shining brightest on Kim, sisters Kourtney and Khloe are frequently part of brand Kardashian promotions and half-sister Kendall Jenner is pursuing modeling which means it probably won’t be long before you’re seeing more members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan for the magazines where Kim would really be a stretch (think parenting magazines for Kourtney, teen magazines for Kendall). And for each Kim cover, the value of her association with projects like e-commerce startup Shoedazzle seems to increase in step.

Behind it all is mom/manager Kris Jenner, and while you may not be a fan of the media monster she created, you have to admire the media monster she’s created.

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