Christina Hendricks stars in London Fog’s Fall Ad Campaign

News spread this week of Christina Hendricks’ starring roll in the fall ad campaign for trench coat label London Fog. The Mad Men actress’ appearance in the ad pictures marks one more label in the celebrity-as-face-of-the-brand camp at a time when the battle between models and Hollywood types runs high.

The use of Hendricks is also noteworthy as she is well-known for her curvy, voluptuous body, though the The Cut is probably correct in their haste to point out that this likely does not mean a sea change is washing over fashion and curves are, for once, actually in. Still, it is nice to see a fresh star who has not done much in the way of product endorsement thus far at the forefront of a fashion label, curves or none.

London Fog has previously used ad staples like Gisele and Eva Longoria Parker as faces for the brand. {The Cut}

The photographs, taken by Nino Munoz, feature Hendricks in a trendy-for-fall leopard print trench and a simpler black one, with a lace cami peeking out.

Fashionista scored some backstage images from the photo shoot, and New York Magazine has video footage from the ad shoot.

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