Did Lindsay Lohan’s White Dress Really Sell Out After Its Courtroom Debut?

Lindsay Lohan and court controversy is nothing new, but her latest appearance proves someone out there is still inspired by the troubled entertainer – or so some would have you believe.

After wearing a tightly fitted white Kimberly Ovitz dress to face grand theft charges over a necklace the star claims she “borrowed,” the $575 dress reportedly sold out at online retailers who carried the dress. {ABC News}

Here’s our problem with giving Lohan credit for that: on Kimberly Ovitz’s site, the “Glavis” dress, which is available in 3 other colors besides the white version Lohan wore, has a note by it saying “Pre-Order available if out of stock for April 2011 delivery.” That same note appears for every other color, which leads us to believe that any retailers who were stocking the dress may not have had many to begin with, or at best may be reporting pre-sales figures. Which is nice, but not the same thing as selling out of the actual item.

Also, the dress appears to be in stock on Ovitz’s own site, and a search on ShopStyle – which usually turns up sold out items for at least a few days after they’ve gone out of stock – shows no sign of the dress. Neither does a search on Boutiques.com, which shows out of stock results in order to recommend current products. But that makes sense considering the dress is from the designer’s pre-fall collection, which probably wouldn’t actually make it on to websites or store floors until… mid-April (at the earliest). We smell a bonus for a clever PR agent.

So while we’ll credit Lohan with giving the dress a good deal of publicity, the jury’s still out on if her courtroom catwalk appearance actually did anything for sales.

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