Dior Couture’s Captivating Flower Power

Unless there’s some miraculous meeting of the minds between the people at Dior and H&M, it’s unlikely we’ll ever be seen in a Dior ball gown, but goodness knows that won’t stop the floral fantasies brought on by John Galliano’s latest couture collection for Dior. While some of the furrier fabrics are an odd juxtaposition with colors and shapes commonly associated with spring, they’re perhaps a nod to fall/winter (traditionally, couture season) when anyone wearing the clothes would probably be the only flower in bloom. Florals are frankly nothing groundbreaking, but bulking them up for fall definitely adds something unexpected.

Cellophane headpieces and raffia belts made it all but impossible to miss the “women are flowers” theme of the collection, and Galliano proved to be more than capable of tending the garden.

On the opening day of the Paris couture, the casual insolence of the draped one-shoulder outfit that closed the show was a provocation. “Beat this,” it declared. – Tim Blanks {Style.com}


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