Emma Watson’s Royal Fair Trade

In February, Emma Watson paired up with British fair trade clothing retailer People Tree to create a line designed by the actress. After a successful spring/summer season, Watson’s fall collection will debut next week before she heads back to Brown University for her fall semester. A sneak preview of the collection in London’s Evening Standard hints at a comfy, thick knits paired with colors that are bit bolder than Watson’s previous designs. {London Evening Standard}

A dress from Emma Watson's Summer 2010 People Tree collection, and the actress on the People Tree catalog

Watson, best known for her portrayal of Hermione Granger in Warner Brothers’ adaptations of the Harry Potter books, spent most of her formative years in the spotlight, but has blossomed with a grace rare among the current crop of teenage actresses, who are increasingly famous for court dates and sex tapes. The 20-year-old has become something of a fashion icon for women her her age, making the transition from icon to designer seem logical if not planned. Watson’s desire to create a line with People Tree stemmed from a lack of fair trade clothing targeted at a younger demographic. The result was a collection that was not only fair trade but also 80% fair trade cotton. The collection showed promise and Watson continued to work with People Tree to produce a second collection for autumn/winter. {People}

Watson, who recently debuted a pixie haircut, will be showing her spring/summer 2011 collection in mid-September. The show is part of Prince Charles’s “Garden Party to Make a Difference”, an event to get people interested in the Prince’s Start Initiative. The event and Start Initiative help Brits to live more sustainable lives, and Watson’s appearance is hoped to be just one of many features that will draw people in. {Ecorazzi}

We already love Emma Watson’s style and her summer collection so we look forward to seeing what her future collections have to offer. Her involvement in Prince Charles’s Start Initiative is inspiring and we hope she’ll continue to make fashion headlines for all the right reasons.

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