Forever 21 Unveils New Designer Collection

Launching on August 13th is the newest designer collection for the brand Forever 21. We recently told you about the chain’s new maternity line, and with the help of designer Brian Lichtenberg, nine new limited-edition designer woman’s pieces and three for men will hit 200 store locations.

Shopping at Forever 21 has always been a budget-friendly endeavor, and the new collection will not deviate from the fashion-forward (often drawing the ire of designers who feel the store’s designs aren’t original enough) and reasonably priced apparel and accessories.

Lichtenberg has been styled big name celebrities like Lady Gaga, and explains how this venture is a positive one for the Forever 21 shopper and his own career saying, “It is going to be for the customer that is younger and has seen my work on celebrities and musicians, but doesn’t have the money to plunk down for my main line. This is definitely going to be a great opportunity to be on a more global scale.” {College Fashion}

This collaboration is just the beginning of a series of collaborations that the brand is planning to embark on to offer more upscale merchandise at their signature low prices.  It seems as though the brand is taking cues from competing stores like H&M and Target who have had numerous designers (think Madonna, Roberto Cavalli, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Proenza Schouler) launch capsule collections for their brands in the past.

With over 50 copyright infringement lawsuits under their belt for drawing a little too much ‘inspiration’ from names like Anthropologie, Anna Sui and Diane Von Furstenberg, it’s seems like a smart idea for Forever 21 to bring in their own designers to catch consumer attention instead of copying others. {the Cut}

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