Galliano’s Punishment for Anti-Semitic Comment Conviction

Once video of John Galliano drunkenly declaring his love for Hitler started circulating online and throughout the media, public opinion was generally in favor of a different couple who claimed the former Dior designer insulted them using anti-Semitic language, which is illegal in France. A French judge agreed that where there are declarations of admiration for Nazis, there is usually racism and handed down a guilty judgement which will see the designer fined, but not facing any jail time.

Galliano has been ordered to pay €13,500 (roughly $19,000 at current exchange rates) in civil damages to 3 people (we’re assuming, the ones Galliano insulted) and 5 associations. There is also a suspended criminal fine of €6,000, which Galliano will have to pay if he is caught making anti-Semitic  comments in the next 5 years. {Wall Street Journal}

The designer has been in rehab, presumably seeking treatment for addiction issues, since we’re not aware of any rehab facility that treats racism. By the account of many fashion industry insiders, Galliano did not have problems at least filtering offensive opinions when sober.

Galliano still has many friends among top models, magazine editors and the judgment gives some finality to the case which may see that list possibly expanded even to  Jewish business people. While the charges led to his downfall, we wouldn’t be surprised to see that the conviction and rehab stint are the beginning of John Galliano’s comeback.


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