John Galliano for Topshop? Philip Green and Galliano Say Not Now

At last weekend’s other big matrimonial celebration – that would be Kate Moss and Jamie Hince’s wedding, if your media browsing habits made Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s Monaco to-do second somehow – the bride wore Galliano and it got all of the fashion types talking about a possible comeback for the disgraced designer. Among that talk were rumors that John Galliano hit it off with Topshop CEO Philip Green at Moss’ wedding, and talks were underway for a Topshop collection.

It’s not impossible to think that the two may have greeted each other over wedding cake, but both Green and Galliano say that’s as far as any discussions between the two went.

“I saw John Galliano at Kate’s wedding last Friday. I did not discuss any business with him then, nor have I since,” Green told Vogue UK.

And Galliano is said to be focusing on treating his problems with alcohol.

“His only focus for the foreseeable future is concentrating on his rehab,” a spokesperson for the designer said tonight. “There is no truth in this rumour.” {Vogue UK}

Interestingly, it seems Galliano’s refutation of the rumor is stronger than Green’s. Not discussing business isn’t exactly the same as not happening, which could leave the possibility of a future collaboration open. Galliano’s reponse about the “foreseeable future” is also near term, and wisely deflects professional questions until legal ones are settled. Still, the near term nature of both denials wouldn’t leave us completely shocked to learn of some announcement after Galliano checks out of rehab and any judgments are handed down.

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