Lucky Magazine Launches A Blogger Network With Balance

Vogue recently launched an “influencer network” that was light on influential bloggers, likely due to the fact that Vogue and its advertisers were the only ones to benefit in any meaningful way; but not every Conde Nast publication is so lopsided in their approach to working with fashion bloggers.

Lucky magazine recently launched the Lucky Style Collective, a network that will make a network of fashion and beauty bloggers true partners of the magazine. {NY Times}

In contrast to the Vogue network, which is closer to a consumer panel than actual network, the Lucky Style Collective will see bloggers contributing content to Lucky‘s website and the print edition. Lucky will also share online advertising revenue with the bloggers on a 50/50 split – fairly standard terms for online ad networks.

Considering that network participation offers both exposure and financial benefits, it’s not surprising that the 50 Lucky Style Collective bloggers are generally more influential than those in Vogue’s network. Mrs. O, the blog that tracks Michelle Obama’s style, and Honestly…WTF are both ranked among the top 99 most influential fashion blogs, and many of the others have immediately visible signs of engaged audiences either directly on their blogs or social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

In our look at how fashion magazines would stack up against fashion blogs online, we noted that recently appointed Lucky editor-in-chief Brandon Holley’s online experience (she formerly led Shine, Yahoo’s US women’s site) would likely make a difference in increasing the magazine’s online influence.

As Lucky joins influential print and web publishers like Glamour and Elle in offering blogger opportunities that extend beyond simple association, it looks like that was more than a lucky guess.

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