Moufarrige Out, Lohan Still In?

Mounir Moufarrige is now former CEO of Ungaro.

Mounir Moufarrige (L), Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan (R)

Mounir Moufarrige (L), Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan (R)

Moufarrige made headlines when he appointed the troubled Lindsay Lohan to a role as creative adviser for the French fashion house. Emanuel Ungaro, founder of the eponymous label, has not been involved in design since 2005, but recently voiced his displeasure calling the Lohan helmed collection a “disaster.”

Moufarrige denied reports of stores canceling orders and refusing to stock the collection, however many unnamed buyers were rumored to have declined invitations to the show due to Lohan’s involvement. Moufarrige pointed to the economy as the reason for the lack of sales.

The statement issued today makes no direct connection between Lohan’s appointment and Moufarrige’s ouster, with an Ungaro spokesperson citing a desire to focus on a watch and jewelry business as the former CEO’s official reason for stepping down. Lohan remains with the label, as does designer Estrella Archs.

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