PR Fail: Kenneth Cole’s Careless Cairo Tweet / Egypt Hashtag Hijack

Sometimes there’s nothing like a lighthearted joke to escape the seriousness of an unfortunate situation. And sometimes there’s nothing like knowing when it is or isn’t appropriate to attempt one of those jokes – especially in connection with selling stuff. Unabashed commercialism: not just for holidays anymore.

Earlier today, Kenneth Cole tweeted that “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online.” Complete with a link tracking that specific tweet. {Gawker}


As journalists are being beaten, the internet is shut off, demonstrators are being killed and bloodied, Egypt’s economy is being shot to hell, and governments around the world are nervously pondering what the uprising in Egypt means for international relations, here’s a tip: it’s probably not the right news event to try to build on.

We’re not sure if this is life imitating art, but we’re getting shades of 30 Rock here when Jack decides a pre-taped disaster benefit is a brilliant idea and it backfires tremendously. Maybe holidays just aren’t newsworthy enough anymore and this is the first event that seemed appropriate for the pre-written big news story tweet.

In a twist that tries to poke fun at the insensitivity of Kenneth Cole trying to poke fun at an event that’s not really funny or a good opportunity to make a sale, you can now follow @KennethColePR for more (fake) obtuse statements building on the meme.


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