Richie Sambora is Livin’ On a Prayer with New Clothing Line

White Trash Beautiful. Kind of sounds like a fraternity party theme or a phrase Ke$ha would use to describe her red carpet looks, no?

WTB is actually the name Richie Sambora, of rock and roll superstar band Bon Jovi, gave his new clothing line, which was recently reviewed by Vogue UK. The collection was designed in collaboration with Nikki Lund, who interned for Anna Sui and Jill Stuart in New York.

“We wanted to make something for strong, empowered women who are in touch with their soft, sensitive sides and who are comfortable with their femininity – who can also kick ass,” said Lund. Or, judging by some of the zipper placements, women who are comfortable with flashing a few roadies for a backstage pass.

The clothes were shown in March at L.A. fashion week, and a menswear line is in the works. Sambora has worn some of the WTB pieces on stage already and supposedly they have made a jacket for lead singer Jon Bon Jovi. {Fashionista}

As for the clothes – one of the dresses has a long train that does look like it could be made out of black trash bags. Perhaps the collection should have been called Trash Bag Beautiful.

The review? “Exactly what you would expect the lead guitarist of one of the world’s most famous rock ‘n’ roll bands to want women to wear: seductively revealing, often spray-on and always dramatic. Fabrics are leather, suede, silk, stretchy snake print and lots of elastane, while detailing focuses on zips – there’s even a zip-crotch leotard.” {Vogue UK}

Some of the pieces – particularly the jackets and vests, could actually work well paired with basics to tone them down a bit for a chic rock and roll look. The Glory Vest is pretty funky and cool and so are the Drifter and King Sport Jackets.

However, Sambora wants to dress Jennifer Anniston, aka the unofficial queen of understated California classy, in WTB clothing. Sorry, Richie; we don’t see that happening, but we still love you anyway.

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