Style99: 19 Blogs to Watch

99 influential style blogs, but yours isn’t one? A misconception about our ranking is that those blogs outside the top 99 don’t have influence. Nothing could be further from the truth. While they may not have amassed fans in the same numbers as the publications in the top 25% of ranked blogs, there are many blogs beneath the cutoff that have a loyal following. Some may rise in the rankings, others may never appear, but we felt obliged to highlight some of the blogs not in the top 99 that are worth watching every bit as closely as those ranked above them. Blogs are listed in no particular order.

jazzi-mcgJazzi McG

Intern extraordinaire, Jazzi McGilbert’s resume includes time at Teen Vogue, Vogue, Variety and Fashionista, and interests run the creative gamut from writer to stylist. The blog once looked like an explosion from the pages of French Vogue (and we mean that in the best way), but has more recently adopted a more understated template that we love just as much for putting more of the spotlight on the personal style and inspiration photos of Ms. McG.

Shini Park, photo via Park & Cube

Shini Park, photo via Park & Cube

Park & Cube

Recently voted Best Fashion Blog by readers of the UK women’s site, Shini Park offers an eclectic mix of personal style and inspirations photos and addictive do-it-yourself projects with detailed instructions.

glamourai-bunnyThe Glamourai

The type of costume jewelry you hope to find on a vintage expedition (or a successful Etsy run), do-it-yourself projects and personal style photos make it difficult to stop reading. With upwards of 40 comments on most posts, it seems there are lots of people who agree. And if the jewelry and outfits don’t get you, we dare you to look at the blog owner’s adorable new puppy and not want to come back.

streetheartsThe Streethearts

You can count on the Sartorialist and several other bloggers to turn up photos of interesting style in fashion capitals like New York, Paris and Milan, but there’s an entire street style world out there. While Paris and London pop up fairly often, the Streethearts also keeps readers up to date with what people are wearing in less covered locales like Oslo, Reykjavik and Copenhagen, complete with brand information and posts sortable by clothing item.

swagger-parisSwagger Paris

What do you get when you combine youth focused Paris street style with coverage of the underground music and fashion icons who influence them? Swagger Paris. Sian-Pierre Regis, the founder and a former BET producer, covers a side of Parisian fashion that’s not seen on many other blogs.

Free Fashion Internships

As the name implies, this blog is all about fashion internships. While it may never gain a mass following, Carla Isabel Carstens’ has created the go-to destination for those looking to gain experience in fashion. This is where the fashion influencers of tomorrow turn to get updates on opportunities to intern for everyone from Gucci and Zac Posen to Vogue and yes, Signature9. Carstens, who now works in fashion PR has separated listings and expanded the blog to  more general fashion coverage and advice on internships.

nerd boyfriendNerd Boyfriend

Taking inspiration from mostly vintage photos, this is the site for guys (and the girls who love them) who always preferred Clark Kent anyway. Revenge of the nerds indeed.

Cris Guerra of Hoje Vou Assim

Cris Guerra of Hoje Vou Assim

Hoje Vou Assim

Portuguese for “So Today, I…” Hoje Vou Assim is the daily style diary of Cris Guerra. Photographed every day at the entrance of the advertising agency where she works, Guerra is one of Brazil’s most recognizable bloggers. First recognized for the writing on a separate blog documenting the loss of her partner months before the birth of their first child, Guerra’s prose was turned into a book that sold more than 6 million copies. Presently Guerra is recognized equally for her outfits which run the gamut from beach ready to casual cool, and has been a model for various brands and social causes.

Dia de Beaute

This celeb heavy, beauty focused blog covers red carpet and magazine makeup looks from Hollywood to French Vogue and everywhere in between. Each multi-celeb post averages over 50 comments from Brazilian and Portuguese speaking beauty addicts looking to talk about their favorites.

Joshua Kiss (L and far R) and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette

Joshua Kiss (L and far R) and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette

Street Etiquette

If every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs should run the asylum. At once classic and modern, Street Etiquette falls somewhere between Nerd Boyfriend and the Sartorialist  – if he were to stake out the Bronx and focus on its two most fashionable residents. Our only complaint is that we don’t see more posts more often, but we’ll respect etiquette and patiently check back for updates.

El Fashionista

Barcelona based blogger, Mercedes, doesn’t insert many photos of herself, but colorful illustrations make the products and trends personal. While there are some things you’ll have seen in other places, the mix of designers and items featured still seemed truly original even after reviewing more than 400 blogs.

Cool Outfit

All about the outfit (and accessories), the shopping selections at this Austrian blog can be a bit kitsch, but we have to say that after nearly every one,  “cool outfit” is definitely the phrase that would come to mind.

Coute Que Coute

We’ll admit: despite the advances in technology and the many different types of style blogs, nothing matches flipping through a glossy and enjoying a well edited selection of clothes. That’s our statement, we’re sticking to it, but we have to say Coute Que Coute comes close. You won’t find breaking news on H&M collaborations or model musings here, but you will find a well curated selection of editorials from magazines not at your local Barnes & Noble, ad campaigns and striking products.

coco-perezCoco Perez

We’ll admit it – when Perez launched his fashion blog we were firmly in the “not sure about this” camp. While it’s not the first fashion blog in our feed reader, we have to give credit where due. The first blog to pick up on the adorable Lady Gaga dolls created by Flickr user Veik11, Perez (or whoever is writing the blog) is increasingly becoming a decent source for interesting fashion finds. With awards season kicking off, we know they’ll certainly have the red carpet fashion commentary covered.

One of Mariah Bernardes' makeup guides

One of Mariah Bernardes' makeup guides

Blog da Mariah

Covering a little bit of everything, Mariah Bernardes walks readers through makeup guides, her favorite shopping finds and personal inspiration photos. The combination isn’t unique in and of itself, but each post gets the type of response that indicates plenty of fans who enjoy the way Mariah brings everything together.

Fashionising Blog

On its own, the Fashionising blog may not make the top 99, but the Australian based site is also home to active forums and a number of member model, photographer and stylist portfolios that likely supplement the audience visiting for news and trend information about all things fashion.

Style Kingdom

We love nothing more than discovering a blog showcasing a person or city’s unique charms, but we’re also big fans of the blogs that keep us up to date on fashion news and product finds. For German speaking readers, Style Kingdom (not to be confused with Queen Michelle and Queen Marie’s Kingdom of Style) has that well covered.

Flypaper (Bluefly)

A company blog among the top 99? Though they didn’t hold onto their position in the most recent update, Bluefly’s blog was present in the first ranking we compiled. You won’t find flooded comment sections on the posts, but consumers and bloggers are tuned into what’s happening with the Project Runway retailer’s notes on fashion.

Les Attitudes

A little bit personal style, a lot of inspiration and a few dashes of fashion news, it’s not always clear where the items featured on the blog can be purchased (if at all), but we found ourselves wanting so many of the selections that it made an easy add to the list of blogs to come back to.

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