Take It Off: Desigual to Host Underwear Parties in NYC

Ever wonder why some people bother buying super fancy underwear, even if they’re planning to wear it for someone?

Stop wondering right now; we have figured out why: This Thursday, September 23rd, the Spanish clothing brand Desigual is hosting an underwear party in the good ole US ‘o A. The first 100 people to line up clad only in their skivvies outside Desigual’s SoHo, New York City store will be allowed to choose any two items to take home for free. Any panty-showers remaining in line after the first 100 will get a 50 percent discount on their purchases. {Full Frontal Fashion}

Can’t make it on Thursday? Desigual’s 34th Street store will hold a second underwear party on Tuesday, September 28th.

We have to admit that, if nothing else, this is an original promotion idea, right up there with taxi cab marketing. For those shy about their underwear, this is still a great opportunity for some entertainment. Imagine SoHo and 34th Street residents heading out for their morning coffee and newspaper and finding a bunch of people in their underwear crowding around?

Not to mention that, if we listen closely, we might hear Lady Gaga rejoicing at the thought of hundreds of other pantless people lining the streets of New York.

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