Terry Richardson Will Shoot An All American Apparel Edition of Purple Magazine

Olivier Zahm, who often works with Terry Richardson, kissing Kimbra Lo, who is now suing Dov Charney for sexual harassment.

In a show of support for embattled American Apparel CEO Dov Charney, we’ve recently learned from sources in Paris that Terry Richardson will lead photography on an all American Apparel issue of Olivier Zahm’s Purple magazine.

Charney has been in the news for a string of lawsuits from former employees alleging sexual harassment. The women are all represented by the same attorney, and have recently come under fire themselves after nude photos and sexually explicit emails surfaced. While a woman having nude photos does not mean she can’t be sexually harassed, or specifically that Charney did not sexually harass any of the former employees, it has called their claims into doubt. {Fashionista}

Terry Richardson is no stranger to allegations of sexual harassment himself, and most recently is reported to have chatted with a part-time model telling her that everyone in fashion is a “pervert,” and that her refusal to trade sexual favors for fame would hinder her career. {Jezebel}

Then there’s Olivier Zahm: Fashionista reports that at some point Zahm dated one of Charney’s accusers. Since Zahm regularly posts nude and sexually suggestive photos of models and the women he is dating on Purple Diary, the blog of Purple, this seems to be accurate. He’s removed pages containing photos of him and Kimbra Lo, one of the former employees suing, but the photo above is from a screen capture of cached pages if you’re interested in the (fairly tame) image of the two kissing.

The allegations surrounding Richardson haven’t harmed his career, and Purple is just one of many magazines that he continues to shoot for.

Now, a source who wishes to remain unnamed has told us that the trio will team up for an issue of Purple shot entirely by Richardson, featuring only American Apparel clothing. Richardson and Charney will be jointly responsible for model casting, but from what we hear the models will be selected from current American Apparel employees.

With the personal links between these three, we guess it was only a matter of time before they teamed up officially.

We hear the issue may be delayed for release until April 1st of next year. (Hint: click the April 1st link for more information on why there may be further delays.)

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