The Future Of Fashion Is…?

At last night’s “Future of Women’s Fashion” panel in New York City, editors Cindi Leive and Robin Givhan (fashion editors at Glamour and the Washington Post, respectively) and design voices Isaac Mizrahi and Ashley Olsen met in front of a varied audience to discuss several questions about the fashion industry: namely, why do so many people hate fashion so much, and what can be done to bring them in?

Among the night’s conclusions was the idea that, for fashion to survive, it must be seen no longer as something shallow and frivolous.  This means the industry can no longer “[coast] on trendy handbags and trendy shoes,” but rather must work from the inside out to offer intelligent, beautiful design that speaks to (and includes) a multitude of people — thus becoming something more democratic.  We say: let the fashion revolution begin.

Read the full story {The Huffington Post}

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