Venus Williams Can-Can Outfit and French Open Fashion

If you’re following the startups of this year’s French Open tennis tournament, you’ll see some very different fashion trends on the Roland Garros red clay. Venus Williams’ French Open outfit was certainly the most provocative, but there are other trends in play during the grand slam as well.

Venus Williams' French Open 2010 outfit

Wardrobe malfunction? Don't worry, it's only an illusion

Roger Federer and Serena Williams in turquoise Nike outfits

The brighter the better seems to be the mantra for the top seeds at the Paris-based tournament this year: both Roger Federer and Serena Williams have turquoise-based outfits that are sponsored by Nike. Looks like Pantone was on the money about turquoise as this year’s ‘”it” color. Rafael Nadal has the same look, but with lime green and an even brighter shade of blue in there, too, creating an irregular geometric pattern. And why not be bold? He owns Roland Garros, having won four years in a row – he can wear whatever he wants!

Venus Williams however, is for once receiving the bulk of headlines for her Grand Slam outfit rather than her little sister (who has previously stolen style headlines in a catsuit-esque outfit). Her French Open outfit, designed by her own EleVen label, looked like something from the Moulin Rouge with corset styling in a black lace fabric with red detailing. She said she wanted to create a sense of illusion with her outfit. “It’s about kind of having that illusion of wearing lace and not having anything take away under it. These days I have a lot of fun with my designs,” she said. {Down the Line!} The illusion was definitely one that required a double take, as her flesh colored shorts probably left many viewers thinking they’d gotten more than an eyeful as the underwear inspired ensemble drew attention for more than her game winning serves.

There’s no correlation between winning and being the more stylish opponent in a match, but it is worth noting that Venus, Serena and Roger have won each of their respective opening tournaments so it can’t hurt.

After Roland Garros comes Wimbledon for these players, where only white is allowed to be worn. We can’t blame them for serving up those crazy colors before the more conservative style requirements come into play!

Images via GoToTennis

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