Vogue Paints Itself Into A Corner

We noticed a few days ago that Vogue’s most recent edition is making a statement seemingly at the opposite end of the one made by Vogue Italia’s historic edition featuring all black models. We aren’t sure if the shoot was merely an ill-planned bid for publicity in an era where print readership is in rapid decline, but Vogue Paris has stirred up quite a controversy for a recent editorial spread featuring Lara Stone, made-up in what appears to be blackface.

The reaction from around the world is rolling in, and not much of the feedback is positive. While we understand that France doesn’t have a civil rights movement to look back on, or the same racial constraints as the US, racism, xenophobia and other problems do exist. We’re all for freedom of creative expression, and while the images may have been intended as commentary, we can’t agree with this particular demonstration even if we may love the people responsible. Perhaps next time the shoot can be done using orangeface, which would only run the risk of offending George Hamilton or Lindsay Lohan.

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