Vogue’s September Issue Will Bring In More Than $92 Million

Jump for joy! Fashion magazines aren't back to pre-recession levels, but they're definitely no longer on the brink.

Just in case any influencers out there needed a reminder that Vogue can cover the cost of a consumer panel, going by the number of ad pages sold and current ad rates, Vogue‘s September issue alone will account for more than $92 million in revenue. It will have an impressive 584 ad pages – not anywhere near the September 2007 record of 727 ad pages, but more than any other women’s fashion magazine this year.

Glamour, the Conde Nast sister publication which has more online influence than Vogue, has a relatively low 240 pages but will still bring in “more revenue than any issue in its history” thanks to 2-D bar codes that readers can photograph with their phone cameras to “like” advertisers on Facebook. Most other magazines reported year over year increases, but Elle reported a decline, widely believed to be due to the larger than average influx for last year’s anniversary issue. {AdAge}

Publication Sept. Ad Pages 1-Page Color Ad Rate Estimated Revenue


584 $157,734 $92,116,656


431 $151,300 $65,210,300


350 $141,210 $49,423,500

Harper’s Bazaar

308 $105,900* $32,617,200


240 $209,954 $50,388,960


255 $96,761 $24,674,055

Marie Claire

190 $127,455 $24,216,450


189 $119,968 $22,673,952


167 $237,000 $39,579,000

*Note that for Harper’s Bazaar, the 1-page color ad rate “doesn’t apply” for March and September, indicating that the magazine likely gets more per page in those issues. All revenue estimates are not inclusive of agency fees or repetition discounts which can lower revenue; nor are they inclusive of pull outs, special inserts or multi-channel promotions like the Glamour offering, which can increase revenue.

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