Where the Wealthy Shop Online [Infographics]

In terms of volume online, Macy’s attracts more visitors earning $100,000+ than higher end department stores Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus combined (Anna Wintour’s Fashion’s Night Out appearance at Macy’s last year suddenly makes sense).  Though they probably aren’t the first name you’d associate with designer fashion, there are a massive number of people who match designer fashion’s ideal customer visiting Macy’s website each month. In fact, mid-range department stores, like Kohl’s and JC Penney, are reaching more affluent shoppers online than their luxury focused counterparts, such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Saks.

Wealthy Online Shoppers - US

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It’s impossible to break out apparel shoppers for department store sites (many of which also sell home and garden items), so it should be noted than not every visitor browsing macys.com is there for clothing, beauty or jewelry items. But even if half of the visitors are there for dresses instead of dishes, Macy’s is attracting one of the largest (and richest) online shopping audiences.

Our data is from Google’s Ad Planner, which only offers visitor and demographic information going back one year. We can’t say if the economy has played a role in shifting online shopping preferences, but presently, wealthy online shoppers aren’t visiting luxury destinations in the same volume as they visit e-commerce sites with mid-level pricing. A possible silver lining for sites specializing in luxury sales: while they may not get the same volume of traffic, it’s quite possible that high end e-commerce sites earn more per sale and visitor.

Of the top 20 apparel e-commerce sites attracting the largest number of wealthy online shoppers, 6 (30%) are sites specializing in discount sales. Gilt and Rue La La are neck and neck for the title of the invitation sale site with the wealthiest visitors. Allowing for a small sampling error, the two sites could even reach the same number of wealthy visitors. The advantage, however, goes to Gilt Groupe, who attracts a combined 1.2 million visitors across the main Gilt site, and recently launched sister (and brother) sites Gilt Fuse and Gilt Man. Combined, Gilt Groupe attracts more visitors earning $100,000 or more than any other online only e-commerce apparel site besides Zappos. Pretty impressive for a company that’s not even 3 years old.

Wealthy Online Shoppers as a Percentage of Total Visitors

When it comes to visitors earning $100k or more per year, invitation sale sites may not have as many visitors as department stores, but as a percentage of visitors, a sizable portion are in this desirable online shopper demographic.

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