Why Lady Gaga Has Enormous Fashion Influence

If you were wondering just how big Lady Gaga’s influence is in terms of fashion trends, we’re here to tell you it is officially huge.

Gaga is very well-known for her avoidance of pants. This past Sunday night, scores of Hollywood stars gathered at the MTV Europe Awards, and here’s a scorecard of how many celebs took a lesson from the Lady and went pants-less at some point during the event:

Katy Perry, who sported a white leotard for her performance of Firework, Eva Longoria two separate times as host of the show, Miley Cyrus while performing Who Owns My Heart, Ke$ha on the red carpet and Taylor Momsen also on the red carpet (who, whether she realized it or not, actually ripped right off Gaga with an underwear beneath a coat and boots look). Plus, Longoria also dressed as a ham at one point, though her costume was not actually made of raw meat. {The Cut}

Quite a list, no? Now you might argue that Gaga did not actually start the pants-less thing since Cher has been known to go without them and even Madonna rocked a few leotard looks in her day, but these stars never really seemed to inspire as many others to take on the look too.

With winter fast approaching, we’re not sure how popular the no pants movement will be in the mass market. As far as celebrity fashion though, Lady Gaga’s definitely setting the trends.

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