Here’s the Gossip, Girls: Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szhor Won’t Return to Gossip Girl

Panda/eyeliner enthusiast Taylor Momsen and teen magazine cover star Jessica Szhor won’t be returning as Gossip Girl series regulars next season. {TV Line via Gawker}

According to TV Line’s sources, both actresses have been invited back on a guest star basis, but will anyone miss them? Szhor will likely have the most incentive to reprise her role on the show, which seems to serve in large part as a vehicle for its female stars to land fashion endorsements. In addition to the lack of screentime this season Momsen has been dropped as the face of Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line, dropped from IMG’s roster and had a brief moment as the face of a Galliano perfume, but LVMH has been dropping everything Galliano like it’s hot so safe to say the fashion “it” girl ship has sailed there. At least she has that angsty rocker thing to fall back on.

Szhor, who’s been popping up at more and more fashion events (including the MET Costume Institute Gala in the sparkly pipe cleaner look above that barely escaped our list of WTF? moments), has been taking full advantage of the endorsement opportunities for a while now though, so  we’re pretty sure she’ll be more ambitious about continuing on as part of the cast in some way.


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