$1000 Teeth Wrapped Around Your Finger: If Everyone Jumped

And we were weirded out by the jewelry that looks like little human bones. If gold and silver vertebrae don’t satisfy your fascination with kinda creepy accessories, you can now sink your teeth into a piece of jewelry with real bite. We’re not kidding – it’s a ring made of actual human teeth. {the Gloss} Or, a necklace with human hair thrown in if you’re not sure about rings, but absolutely want in on some toothy adornments.

Tell us the tooth - would you wear human teeth and hair jewelry?

Van der Glas, an Australian Etsy seller, offers the ring pictured above for $1000 AUD (approximately $1070 USD at current exchange rates), but also has necklaces and earrings featuring human teeth, some combined with human hair. You can send in your own teeth for a 10% discount, or go with the designer’s pre-selected teeth at regular retail price.

Now these might make an amazing gift for the dentist who has everything, or the stylish boxer who wants a trinket representing his latest win that’s more discreet than a flashy belt, and admittedly we’re slightly interested in seeing what a Lil’ Wayne (or a similarly bling toothed rapper) version of this would look like; but for anyone else who isn’t a cannibal or serial killer on the side the ick factor kind of takes away from the style credibility.

Not to mention the price tag – while the pieces do have a pretty cool presentation, our tooth fairy returns maxed out at $5: the least expensive tooth trinket in this collection is $500 AUD. Then there’s maintenance: do you have to brush your jewelry with a fluoride toothpaste to keep it from getting a cavity? If you get the necklace that includes hair, do you have to shampoo and condition one part, and brush the other? Granted it says that the pieces have been sterilized, but for $500 you could probably find a respectable dentist to clean your entire mouth so that you aren’t losing teeth and have money left over for jewelry that won’t creep people out.

Maybe that’s just our take though; what say you? Would you wear human teeth in your fine jewelry?

Images via Van der Glas Etsy shop

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