Glow in the Dark Sunglasses: If Everyone Jumped

Nooka's glow in the dark sunglasses for those of you who wear them at night.

Is this some kind of trick? On Wednesday, The Fashion Spot tweeted a sneak peak of a pair of Nooka Glow in the Dark Mercury Sunglasses to be made available in March on

The shades are pretty cool if you like the swallowed-up face look (which these days, most people do), and we admit it did take us a minute to figure out the problem here. This is it: What is the point of glow in the dark sunglasses? Aren’t sunglasses meant to be worn in the bright light? Isn’t that their purpose? To shade your eyes from bright sun light?

We know celebrities like Usher and other Joe-cool types like to wear their sunglasses at night, but we can’t really see Usher wearing these to the next big awards show or Hollywood event he attends, and the average person doesn’t go out with shades on at night.

No word on how much the glow in the dark sunglasses will cost yet, but regular Nooka Mercury Sunglasses – which come in neon colors as well as black and white – go for $130. Why do all these IEJ products always have such a hefty price tag? Save your pennies for something that makes more sense.

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